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...... 38 years of Motion Control
Mclennan Servo Supplies are an ISO9001 certified company, number GB11/84180 Homepage
Mclennan represent

Mclennan represent MAE Motors - Stepper, Brushed and Brushless DC motors

Mclennan represent Delta Tau Systems Inc.

Mclennan represent Leine & Linde AB

Mclennan represent Bell-Everman Inc

Mclennan Servo Supplies - masters of your movements !

Discover how over 38 years of experience has shaped Mclennan into being the best in today's motion control industry Mclennan represent

Mclennan represent Tamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd. Motors, Encoders, Resolvers, Servo Drives

Mclennan represent Allied Motion

Mclennan represent Portescap from Danaher Motion

Mclennan represent Applied Motion Products Inc., Stepper and Brushless DC Drives

Mclennan represent Mecatix - gearboxes and mechanical systems

Spur and planetary gearheads fitted with stepper, DC servo or brushless motors

February 2015: Innovative motion technology: Applied Motion Products’ Integrated Step-Servo is available from Mclennan.

January 2015: Liene & Linde’s new EtherCAT® encoders available from Mclennan

Mclennan Servo Supplies broad product range includes -

Servo Amplifiers - Stepper Drives
Advanced Motion Control Solutions
Fieldbus Gateways - CAM Controllers
Custom Stepper and Servo Control Systems
Planetary and Spur - Gearboxes and Gearheads
Contract EMC Facilities - Technical Information Library
Encoders - Incremental and Absolute - Rotary and Linear types
Motors - AC Synchronous, Brushless, DC, Hybrid and Stepper variants

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Mclennan Servo Supplies - specialists in Precision Motion Control